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5G-MOBIX wants your opinion on automated vehicle functionalities

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5G-MOBIX is releasing a survey (available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Italian) to assess user acceptance of automated vehicle functionalities using 5G connectivity.

The 5G-MOBIX research project is co-funded by the European Commission to evaluate the benefits of 5G connectivity for connected & automated mobility services in cross-border areas.

This survey’s purpose is to assess people’s opinion about different issues related to automated vehicle functionalities using 5G connection. There are no right or wrong answers and when unsure, please select the alternative that comes closest to your own beliefs.

Answering the survey will not take much of your time (maximum 10 minutes): it consists of a series of statements for which to indicate whether you agree or disagree (don’t be deterred by the long introduction, which includes several illustrations and explanatory text for each scenario provided as reference to answer the survey).

Links to the survey in:








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