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The action plan "Mobility in the Northern Industrial Area of Leipzig"

Northern Industrial Area of Leipzig

City: Leipzig
Audience: Large City, FUA
Topic: Public Involvement
Step in the SUMP cycle: Step 5: Develop vision and strategy with stakeholders

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City of Leipzig 

Activity description

The action plan „Mobility in the Northern Industrial Area of Leipzig“ is a strategic plan to improve ecologically friendly public transport in the project area and beyond until the year 2030. A common vision was devised based on a comprehensive analysis of the current and future traffic constraints, mobility needs of employees and the predicted development of the companies. This vision incorporates a paradigm shift from the predominat use of motorised individual traffic to a strong use of environmental friendly modes of transport. In future 70% of up to 70,000 commuters are envisioned to use public transport, bike and walking. The environmental situation will be improved, the service quality of road traffic will be preserved and commuting to the northern industrial area of Leipzig is more attractive. In a vivid exchange the partners of public transport, the city of Leipzig, the district of North Saxony, the affected municipalities and enterprises in the northern area developed about 86 measures to implement the vision of the environmental friendly industrial area. They were adapted for the specific situation of five sub areas (Industrial Park North, Fair / Industrial Area Seehausen, GVZ area, Airport, DHL / Schkeuditz). The 86 measures comprise for example innovative mobility solutions like automatical driving, improvement of bicycle traffic and walking facilities, optimisation of the public transport network as well as major infrastructure investments to establish new rapid transit stops, new tram lines and an upgrade of public transport hubs. Now is the time to join forces of politics, administration, associations, transport companies and in particular the companies of the northern industrial area to intensify collaboration and realise the actions step by step until year 2030 and beyound. For that a new governance strategy proposes a structure for collaborative decision making and co-financing by all stakeholders. United we are strong enough to shape the Northern Area of Leipzig as an exemplary site for a sustainable industry and attractive and eco-friendly mobility.

Lessons learned

Stakeholder involvement is an important factor of success. It is important to have overall approach: Surrounding areas, different modes of environmental friendly public transport, involvement of governance and transport companies and companies.