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The LEA Hessen offers municipal employees free, multi-day training on the topic “Designing future-oriented mobility in the community"

LEA LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen GmbH

City: Kassel, Hesse
Audience: Large City
Topic: Public and stakeholder involvement
Step in the SUMP cycle: Step 1: Set up working structures

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Activity description

With the program “E-Expert”, the LEA Hessen offers municipal employees a free, multi-day training on the topic “Designing future-oriented mobility in the community” to become an expert in the topic of electric mobility. The program has the following aims: providing a comprehensive knowledge base on the topic of mobility in the municipality with special attention to electric mobilit; the “E-Expert” should be enabled to be the first contact person of the municipality for all questions related to the topic of future-oriented mobility / electric mobility in order to coordinate the various issues related to electric mobility – both for the own administration as well as for companies and private households; the “E-Expert” is integrated in a Hessen-wide network and is the contact person between the municipality and the state of Hessen.

Lessons learned

A number of e-vehicles or charging stations raised in the region cannot be mentioned because that are indirect results of the E-Expert’s work that cannot be measured. The program “E-Expert” is suitable for every country in the world. Every country can implement such a program to train employees of municipalities and cities to be an expert on the topic electric mobility.