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New, modern urban tram track transport within the TRAM project

New tram line in Hungary (source:

City: Észak-Magyarország
Audience: FUA
Topic: Traffic and demand management
Step in the SUMP cycle: Step 12: Review and learn lessons

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Green Arrow Project

Activity description

In the framework of the project TRAM was renewed the tram track line, service station and access tracks entirely and 31 new pcs low-floor trams purchased. The full reconstruction of the whole – 9.6 km long – tram line (between the terminals: Tiszai railway station – Diósgyőr), the traffic, service station and access tracks and their accessories has taken place. The old tramline network became lengthened with 1.5 kilometers and the line between Diósgyőr Terminal and Felső-Majláth was constructed. The city tram tracks has been refurbished completely and new platforms and shelters were built. The boarding gap complies with the requirements of the act on equal opportunities – it is suitable also for people using a wheelchair and transportation of bicycles. The purchase of 31 pieces of low-flow tram vehicles – considered to be one of the most advanced vehicles in the world – took place. The new Skoda trams are 100% low-floor trams, with up-to-date passenger information system. The new vehicles have increased capacity and fed back braking energy. The power transfer structure of the company has changed, therefore were built the 5 pcs power transfers station. Vehicle service station and maintenance equipment has been refurbished. The energy regeneration system of the tram is an important element to ensure sustainability. The tram tracks were built with an advanced noise and vibration absorb systems.

Lessons learned

Ensuring the equal opportunities on the new trams people for e.g. with wheelchairs, baby carriage, more comfortable and spacious vehicles for passangers. The travel time between the terminals was diminished thanks to the new track line and integrated passanger informations system. The design of tram vehicles choosen by citizens with an online voting. On all trams available free WiFi on board. During test run, a problem realized on the Kandó Square (Tiszai Railway-Station). The provisions of the Equality Act cannot be ensured in case of a 32.1-meter-long low-floor tram. The Managing Authority approved the technical content changes and it has ensured the safe operating trams in this area.