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The expansion, modernization and harmonization of infrastructure across the EU are fundamental
to creating cross-border networks without obstacles to different type of travel and transport.
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the European competence centre for sustainable urban mobilty planning (SUMP)!

Our platform provides you with knowledge, resources and content to support the development of a SUMP for Central European countries.

Discover country-specific information, news and good practices from European projects and
networks that all want to establish low carbon mobility schemes!

If you click on the SUMP category you can also find SUMPs from CE countries as well as links to relevant SUMP databases,
and if you click on Tools & Resources you will find help in creating your SUMPs!


What is currently happening in terms of urban mobility?


How do European cities use different modes of transport to achieve sustainable mobility and improve quality of life? See Good Practices.

Monitoring, evaluations,
tools and resources

Monitoring and evaluation activities deliver data about the progress of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) development process and the impact of policy measures. 

What tools and resources are needed to achieve sustainable mobility and achieve sustainability goals? How to monitor and evaluate them?

Policy measures

Europe needs good transport connections to stimulate trade and economic growth and to achieve prosperity. Check out the national activities of countries.

Supporting partners